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    Fun Wheel

    The Fun Wheels are basically Pedal Go’s bigger brother. Still easy to learn, and loads of fun but a little more challenging due to there being one axle instead of two.

    The Fun Wheels are basically Pedal Go’s bigger brother. Designed to improve balance and keep kids on their toes – quite literally, Fun Wheels Pedal Racers are great for children aged 6 years plus. Featuring two sturdy wheels linked together with a pair of pedals, they can help physical development by enhancing coordination skills, while drawing children away from computer games for some wholesome outdoor fun. The perfect toy for boosting confidence, these Fun Wheels are tricky to master at first, but once your kids grasp the art of navigation, they’ll be racing around all over the place, having a great deal of fun in the process.

    • Fun Wheel Pedal Racers
    • Easy to assemble, No Tools Required
    • Keeps kids active
    • Maximum weight: 158kg/350lb
    • Can be disassembled for storage
    • Total Weight: 2.5kg
    • Suitable for children aged 6-years plus



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    Weight 2.5 kg
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